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GSHA is a registered non-profit association in Taiwan. 


Our objective is to foster cooperation and development between healthcare and industry in the following areas;


  • Resource Sharing

  • Medical Information Technology

  • Smart Elderly Care

  • Efficient Construction

  • Green Building Materials

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GSHA will establish a platform that brings together a variety of resources from industry, government and academia. The platform will also incorporate international sustainability standards and promote the international exchange of ideas and information.

We plan to hold regular seminars with the goal of sharing industry knowledge and contacts between different professional fields.

Resource Sharing
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In response to the needs of future generations and a post-pandemic era, Taiwan’s combination of outstanding medical technology, experience and AIoT technology are delivering more intelligent healthcare information and solutions.

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As Taiwan enters an increasingly aging society, our association is committed to integrating the medical and technological industries and sharing the best solutions for artificial intelligence care to help solve the problem of Taiwan’s medical manpower shortage.

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With the ever increasing threat of global warming, “high-efficiency and low-carbon green buildings” have become central to achieving carbon reduction targets implemented by governments around the world. Intitiatives are in place to construct buildings that reduce environmental impact and focus on the health of the occupants and they are paving the way for sustainable development, architectural design and engineering construction.

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One of GSHA’s goals is promoting the importance of green building materials. We aim to share all aspects of green building materials including performance, energy reduction, resource waste, and the benefits to environment and human health. 

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