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2022 GSHA Sustainability Forum

GSHA has invited foreign chambers to create an ESG exchange platform, combined renewable energy and worked with various industries to incorporate sustainability into the transformation goal!

Since 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic and the extreme climate brought about by the greenhouse effect has continued to affect the world and severely impact the social economy. "Sustainability" can no longer be just a slogan, and achieving net zero emissions by 2050 has become an international consensus on climate change mitigation.

Recently, the National Development Council has released the Taiwan 2050 net-zero emissions roadmap. In addition to the government's active planning of net-zero transition plans, corporates are encouraged to utilize renewable energy in a smart way and commit to developing innovative technology so as to fully launch the new “net-zero economy.”

The 2022 GSHA Sustainability Forum and VIP Gala Dinner was held by Global Sustainable Healthcare Association (GSHA) and RCI Engineering on April 22nd, the Earth Day. Experts from the medical and energy industry, government, academia and foreign chambers were invited to exchange and share their perspective and experience on sustainable practices of domestic and foreign enterprises.

The forum focuses on the following five topics:

(1) Carbon reduction and neutrality

(2) ESG and Sustainability

(3) Renewable Energy

(4) Post-Covid Healthcare

(5) High Performance Buildings

(Nearly 200 guests participated in the event.)

A greeting video recorded by the Taipei City Mayor Wen-je Ko was broadcasted in the opening. Afterwards, Professor Jo-shu Chang from Tunghai University who is also the leader of Negative Emissions Technology Working Group, Net-Zero Pathway Task Force, Taiwan’s executive Yuan introduced the negative carbon technology, followed by Veolia Environmental Resources Taiwan and Air Liquide. The forum was not only composed of profound discussion and communication, but was also selected by UL, a global safety certification company headquartered in the United States, as its first-release spot for the "UL Healthy Building Certification" in Taiwan.

The VIP Gala Dinner after the forum was mainly for business communication:

Corporates were invited on-stage to share their efforts on the road to sustainability. From the warm and thought-provoking presentation “Autism Employment Program” brought by TECO Image Systems Co., Ltd., the “Babbuza Dreamfactory” of SHUTER Enterprise Co. Ltd. to the topics of smart healthcare and long-term care, precious experience and point of view were shared to the VIP guests and raised their awareness of these critical issues.

Our mission is to reinforce the connection and cooperation between our guests. Through the GSHA platform, we will combine the resources from all sectors to create a closely interwoven network, transform the carbon reduction challenge into new opportunities for industry and employment, and jointly create emerging green business opportunities. Together, we are making efforts to create a healthier, better and truly sustainable beautiful earth for our next generation.

Thank you again to all our friends and supporters. Let’s continue to work hard together and create a better future! See you all again next year at GSHA Forum!

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